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Tell Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz: Switch to Organic Milk!

Posted July 3, 2014

Starbucks usesmore than 93 million gallons of milk per year, according to 2011 figures (and the company has only grown since then).  That’s enough milk to fill 155 Olympic-sized swimming pools.  Too bad it’s not organic.  Please sign our petition asking Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to switch to organic milk!  Read more. 

ACTION ALERT — What are they putting into school lunches now?

Posted July 3, 2014
Dogfish may not previously have been on your menu. Indeed, most people have never heard of it. That makes it all the easier to dump this unsafe fish into the school lunch program.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to tell the USDA to ban dogfish, high in toxic mercury, from the federal school lunch program!

ACTION ALERT — Are Drugs Safe?

Posted July 3, 2014
A number of drugs contain an incredibly toxic chemical, even though safer alternatives exist. Big Pharma could have but chose not to clean this up voluntarily.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to contact the FDA immediately and tell them there is no reason for drugs to contain phthalates a moment longer. They should be banned outright instead of relying on drug makers’ voluntary compliance.

ACTION ALERT — Mumps Vaccine Proves Ineffective

Posted June 13, 2014
Instead of acknowledging the vaccine’s problems, the CDC and mainstream media blame people who don’t vaccinate.  Read more and TAKE ATION to contact the Centers for Disease Control and ask them to do more research on mumps, the MMR shot, and the vaccine schedule.

ACTION ALERT– FDA Asked Big Pharma to Self-Police on Dangerous Chemicals

Posted May 22, 2014
Why would the FDA issue a voluntary guidance, when they have the power to ban harmful substances outright?  Read more and TAKE ACTION to tell the FDA to ban phthalates in drugs! Please write to the FDA and tell them their voluntary compliance request is not being heeded, and is not sufficient to protect Americans’ health.

ACTION ALERT — Federal Agencies Target Natural Products, But Give Big Food a Free Pass on False Advertising

Posted May 22, 2014
The FDA and the FTC won’t allow reasonable, science-based claims about foods and supplements, but they let mega-companies like Coke run wild.   In 2011, ANH-USA filed a Citizen Petition with the FTC alleging that its arbitrary requirements for food and dietary supplement health claims oversteps its jurisdiction, violates the First Amendment, and chills protected speech. Read more and TAKE ACTION to tell the FTC to respond to ANH-USA’s petition.

Could a Chinese Herb Replace Life-Threatening RA Drugs?

Posted May 16, 2014
The famous Cleveland Clinic has opened a Chinese herbal medicine center, but Europe is virtually banning it.  Read more.

ACTION ALERT — One in Five Pregnant Women Take Opioid Painkillers

Posted May 7, 2014
Although acetaminophen has no FDA classification for use in pregnant women, it is often the over-the-counter painkiller recommended for expectant mothers. Given the link between acetaminophen and ADHD, this drug should be classified as Category D (there is evidence of fetal risk, but it may still be recommended in urgent cases).  Read more and TAKE ACTION to write to the FDA today, and ask them to warn expecting mothers about the dangers of acetaminophen.

ACTION ALERT — Popular Antidepressant May Promote Breast Cancer

Posted April 23, 2014
Recently, researchers have found that paroxetine—the active ingredient in Paxil and Pexeva, some of the most widely prescribed SSRI antidepressants—has an estrogenic effect that likely promotes the development and growth of breast tumors in women.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to tell the FDA to reverse its approval of paroxetine for hot flashes. There is no reason for this dangerous drug’s approval, especially considering that it does the opposite of what it was intended to do when it was initially approved—reduce the risk of breast cancer.

ACTION ALERT — Compassionate Freedom of Choice Act Could Save Many Lives

Posted April 16, 2014
New legislation would prevent the FDA from denying appropriate experimental drugs from dying patients.  Read more and ask your legislators to support the Compassionate Freedom of Choice Act—tell them this is their opportunity to save countless lives.

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