ACTION ALERT — FDA May Be Preparing Attack on Homeopathy

Posted April 8, 2015
The FDA is holding a public hearing later this month to evaluate its enforcement policies for homeopathic drug products. It says the agency is seeking input on whether and how to adjust the policy to adjust for changes that may have occurred over the past twenty-five years.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to write to the FDA immediately and tell them that current regulation of homeopathic remedies is more than sufficient to ensure public safety.

ACTION ALERT — Are We Ignoring the Next Pandemic Risk by Focusing on Measles?

Posted April 1, 2015
While policymakers and many in the scientific community are worried about measles, a deadlier threat from drug-resistant diseases like tuberculosis lurks on the horizon.  Read more and TAKE ACTION  to tell Congress to support Rep. Slaughter’s Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act, which would reduce the use of antibiotics on livestock and thus take steps towards addressing drug-resistant diseases like TB.

ACTION ALERT — Bad GMO Labeling Bill Expected Soon

Posted March 25, 2015
A new bill to let food producers decide whether to label GMOs could prevent states from passing mandatory labeling laws. It’s expected to be introduced in the next few weeks—so we need to dissuade potential co-sponsors now! Consumers have a right to know what’s in the food they’re eating!  Read more and TAKE ACTION to tell your legislators not to co-sponsor the Pompeo bill, and ask them to speak out at the Agricultural Committee’s hearing.

Adults Targeted as Federal Government Prepared to Track the Unvaccinated

Posted March 20, 2015
During the National Vaccine Advisory Committee’s (NVAC) February meeting, American adults were put on notice by Big Brother that non-compliance with federal vaccine recommendations will not be tolerated. Public health officials have unveiled a new plan to launch a massive nationwide vaccination promotion campaign involving private business and non-profit organizations to pressure all adults to comply with the adult vaccination schedule approved by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  Read more and Take Action by March 23.

Will Google Game the System against Natural Health?

Posted March 19, 2015
For years, Wikipedia has been a prime source of misinformation (or perhaps disinformation) about natural health. Now we worry about what Google is up to. Read more and TAKE ACTION to write to Google and explain how its Knowledge Vault will inadvertently censor research and approaches that are at variance with the mainstream, even if it is supported by the most recent or the most solid science—anything new or challenging will be automatically ranked lower.

ACTION ALERT — Once Again, the FDA Deliberately Keeps Us in the Dark about Bad Science

Posted March 19, 2015
It’s the same old story of prescription drugs and fraudulent studies, but the FDA doesn’t seem to care.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to the FDA to require that all drug trials submitted to the FDA be publicly available—not only for new drugs, but for all drugs currently on the market. There is no reason a government agency should bury vital information that could affect the health of its citizens.

ACTION ALERT — Kick Kids Out of Head Start if They Aren’t Vaccinated on the Government’s Schedule?

Posted March 12, 2015
A new bill, expected to be introduced in Congress this week, would require that all children in Head Start programs be fully vaccinated unless medical reasons exempt them. If passed, this bill sets a dangerous precedent that could pave the way for further vaccine mandates for millions of Americans who participate in federally funded programs.  Read more to TAKE ACTION to tell Congress it’s irresponsible and inappropriate for the federal government to get involved in vaccine mandates. Not only is this traditionally a state issue, but the well-documented dangers of runaway vaccine schedules certainly warrant caution.

ACTION ALERT — FDA Compounding Committee Is a Stacked Deck

Posted March 12, 2015
The Alliance for Natural Health-USA recently reported on the FDA’s latest efforts to regulate compounding pharmacies in its draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Although these provisions are still in the process of being completed, it’s looking increasingly likely that the final rules will severely restrict consumer access to important compounded medications. FDA just reopened public comment as they draft their new compounding rules.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to send a comment and tell FDA to maintain consumer access to important compounded drugs!.

ACTION ALERT — Supreme Court Decision Deals Blow to Monopolistic State Medical Boards

Posted March 12, 2015
The Alliance for Natural Health-USA recently reported on the new model legislation let loose in over a dozen states by the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB). The legislation is an underhanded way for the FSMB, a private organization with no public funding, transparency, or accountability, to extend its power and supersede state rules governing medical licensure.  Read more to see if your state is considering this legislation and TAKE ACTION to tell your legislators to reject it!.