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ACTION ALERT — Kick Kids Out of Head Start if They Aren’t Vaccinated on the Government’s Schedule?

Posted March 12, 2015
A new bill, expected to be introduced in Congress this week, would require that all children in Head Start programs be fully vaccinated unless medical reasons exempt them. If passed, this bill sets a dangerous precedent that could pave the way for further vaccine mandates for millions of Americans who participate in federally funded programs.  Read more to TAKE ACTION to tell Congress it’s irresponsible and inappropriate for the federal government to get involved in vaccine mandates. Not only is this traditionally a state issue, but the well-documented dangers of runaway vaccine schedules certainly warrant caution.

ACTION ALERT — FDA Compounding Committee Is a Stacked Deck

Posted March 12, 2015
The Alliance for Natural Health-USA recently reported on the FDA’s latest efforts to regulate compounding pharmacies in its draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Although these provisions are still in the process of being completed, it’s looking increasingly likely that the final rules will severely restrict consumer access to important compounded medications. FDA just reopened public comment as they draft their new compounding rules.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to send a comment and tell FDA to maintain consumer access to important compounded drugs!.

ACTION ALERT — Supreme Court Decision Deals Blow to Monopolistic State Medical Boards

Posted March 12, 2015
The Alliance for Natural Health-USA recently reported on the new model legislation let loose in over a dozen states by the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB). The legislation is an underhanded way for the FSMB, a private organization with no public funding, transparency, or accountability, to extend its power and supersede state rules governing medical licensure.  Read more to see if your state is considering this legislation and TAKE ACTION to tell your legislators to reject it!.

Thousands Want Costco to Not Sell GM Salmon

Posted March 10, 2015
Fifty thousand people in Washington want Costco to promise it won’t sell genetically engineered salmon.  That’s even though the FDA has given preliminary approval to GMO salmon.  Read more and sign this petition:

ACTION ALERT — “Gardasil [Vaccine] Will Become the Greatest Medical Scandal of All Time”—Former Merck Physician

Posted March 6, 2015 The federal government’s National Vaccine Program Office (NVPO) is concerned that “adult vaccination rates remain low in the United States,” and has released a draft of its National Adult Immunization Plan.  Most of the plan concerns increasing awareness of and access to adult vaccinations. However, the Alliance for Natural Health-USA recommends a few additions to the plan.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to tell NVPO that vaccine policy in this country should take into account the well-documented safety concerns posed by dangerous ingredients, and that adverse event reports should be used to inform government policy on mass vaccinations.

ACTION ALERT (State-Based): New Power Grab by Federation of State Medical Boards Threatens Integrative Medicine

Posted March 6, 2015
Legislation that has been introduced in fourteen states must be stopped now.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to tell your state legislature to reject the FSMB’s legislation. It would cede state licensing power to an unaccountable Interstate Commission controlled behind the scenes by a private organization, and it would force many physicians to participate in a burdensome and costly recertification process

ACTION ALERT — Will We Allow Big Pharma to Patent and Control Natural Products?

Posted March 6, 2015
Behind the scenes, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries are trying to change the law—to benefit no one but themselves. Now they’re trying to get the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to change patent law about natural substances. Read more and TAKE ACTION to tell USPTO to keep restrictions in place that prevent natural substances from being patented.

URGENT ACTION ALERT for Illinois Residents — Protect Freedom of Vaccine Choice

Posted March 4, 2015
The Illinois legislature is considering two bills, SB1776 and SB1410, that would restrict the religious exemption, making it more difficult for concerned parents to protect their children from potentially toxic vaccines.  Read more and TAKE ACTION TODAY to contact your state legislators and tell them to preserve the personal belief exemption.

ACTION ALERT — FDA Pretends to Lighten Burden on Compounding Pharmacies Even as it Tightens Its Stranglehold on Them

Posted February 26, 2015
The government is playing games with patients’ lives. A new document shows just how arbitrary Pharma-inspired limitations on shipping compounded medications really are.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to tell the FDA and Congress that any limit on interstate sales of vital compounded drugs such as estriol or extended release thyroid is unacceptable. Tell them there must be no limit on the interstate dispensing of compounded drugs when a patient has a prescription ordered by a doctor.

DEADLINE MARCH 3: Tell President Obama to Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides

Posted February 25, 2015
TAKE ACTION: Nearly 4 million people from numerous groups have signed petitions asking the task force to ban bee-killing pesticides. Please sign OCA’s petition by March 3 so your signature can be counted, too!  Read more and add your name to the petition:  

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