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ACTION ALERT — FDA Approves Controversial Diet Drug Despite Warning of Suicide Risk

Posted September 19, 2014
Contrave has terrible side effects, is expensive, includes a hidden antidepressant, and barely even works. So why did the FDA approve it?  Read more  and TAKE ACTION to remind the FDA that we’ve still got our eyes on Glaxo’s underhanded attempt to foist even more pharmaceutical monopoly on us. Tell the FDA you will not allow pharmaceutical companies to use the Citizen Petition process for their own financial gain.

ACTION ALERT — Congressional Committee Says FDA Is Overstepping Its Jurisdiction

Posted September 19, 2014
A powerful subcommittee says a new FDA proposal on medical testing will stifle innovation and may not be legal.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to write to the FDA and ask them to clarify their regulatory authority to regulate LDTs.  Remind them that even if they do have the authority to proceed, they should follow a formal rulemaking procedure so the public can have a voice in the matter, instead of skirting the law by issuing a guidance.

ACTION ALERT — Do Antibiotics Contribute to Mercury Poisoning?

Posted September 12, 2014
According to Dr. David Williams, antibiotics may prevent the body from excreting mercury, which is found in fish and in many vaccines. Intravenous vitamin C could be a powerful, inexpensive, and safe tool in the battle against antibiotic-resistant “superbugs,” as well as in chemotherapy. It is already being used in burn units across the country. Read more and TAKE ACTION to write to NIH and ask its National Cancer Institute to fund human trials on intravenous vitamin C.

ACTION ALERT — Nutritionists Excluded in New Federal Bill

Posted September 3, 2014
A new Senate bill, dubbed the “Older Americans CARE Act,” was introduced last week by Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR). It would create funding for programs that give support and provide services to the elderly; those services can be provided by “a nurse, registered dietitian, case manager, health coach, or social worker.” Note that “nutritionist” is absent from that list.  Read more and WRITE TO YOUR SENATORS and ask that S.2763, the Older Americans CARE Act, be amended to include other nutrition professionals in the list of those who can provide medical nutrition therapy (MNT) to elderly patients.

ACTION ALERT — Respected Analyst Says GMOs Could Destroy Life on the Planet

Posted August 27, 2014
There is clear evidence that GMOs pose risks (such as increased herbicide use) that could easily destabilize ecosystems, pose grave dangers to human health, and all without much benefit to the farmer or indeed anyone but the manufacturer. Read more and TAKE ACTION.  Write to the USDA and ask the agency to do, for the first time, detailed statistical analyses of ecological risks when considering the deregulation of GM crops.

ACTION ALERT — Tell USDA and President Obama to Stop Dow Chemical’s “Agent Orange” Crops

Posted August 22, 2014
Over a hundred million additional pounds of toxic pesticides associated with cancers and birth defects are coming to a field near you. UNLESS YOU STOP IT!    “Agent Orange” crops are genetically engineered by Dow Chemical to promote the use of 2,4-D, one of the herbicides in the toxic mixture Vietnam veteran’s know as Agent Orange. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is on the cusp of approval, even though they acknowledge the use of this toxic pesticide will skyrocket.   There is a 30-day public comment period and it MIGHT BE OUR LAST CHANCE to stop this chemical assault – Sign the petition today!   Read more and TAKE ACTION.

ACTION ALERT — New Report Finds FDA Deliberately Deceptive—and Slowly Poisoning Millions of Americans

Posted August 22, 2014
U.S. consumers are in dark about mercury in dental products—and they are kept there deliberately by the government.  Read more and TAKE ACTION.  Tell the FDA to implement truthful, transparent labeling of mercury fillings, which will allow our country to keep its commitment to the Minamata Convention—and will educate the public about what they’re putting in their mouths.

ACTION ALERT — Tylenol Use During Pregnancy May Increase ADHD Risk for Children

Posted August 2, 2014
A study just published in JAMA Pediatrics finds that Tylenol (acetaminophen) taken by women during their pregnancy may raise the risk of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and similar disorders in their children up to 40%—with the risk increasing the more acetaminophen the mother takes.   The manufacturer and some doctors are trying to dismiss the new research, despite mounting evidence of Tylenol’s dangers.  Read more and TAKE ACTION.  Tell the FDA to change its labeling on drugs containing acetaminophen to provide a warning to pregnant mothers.

ACTION ALERT — Insurance Company Drug Managers Now Deciding What’s Medically “Necessary”

Posted August 8, 2014
Compounded medications aren’t being covered—which means FDA-approved drugs will own the marketplace.   Read more and TAKE ACTION.   Write to the pharmacy benefit managers Express Scripts, Optum Rx, CVS Caremark, and Catamaran. Tell them to preserve coverage for compounded medications. Explain that they have no authority to override a doctor’s healthcare directive with their own assessment of what is “medically necessary.” 

ACTION ALERT — Everyone Knows BPA Is Toxic—But It’s Still Being Used Anyway!

Posted August 8, 2014
A new bill introduced by Sen. Edward Markey (D-MA) in the Senate, and Reps. Lois Capps (D-CA) and Grace Meng (D-NY) in the House, would ban BPA in food packaging. “The dangers of BPA have been well demonstrated.”  The bill, S 2572 and HR 5033, currently has twenty-one sponsors.  Read more and TAKE ACTIONPlease contact your legislators immediately and ask them to support the Ban Poisonous Additives Act of 2014, also known as the BPA Act!

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