Get Informed on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Jane Goodall Reviews Steven Drucker’s New Book on GMOs

Posted March 31, 2015
The history of genetically modified food has been one of systematic deception and fraud by corporations, scientists, media and regulators, Steven Druker writes in his remarkable new book. Jane Goodall finds the story by turn fascinating, chilling, distressing and ultimately, hope-inspiring.  Read more. 

Monsanto Seeks Retraction for Report Linking Herbicide to Cancer

Posted March 31, 2015
Monsanto Co, maker of the world’s most widely used herbicide, Roundup, wants an international health organization to retract a report linking the chief ingredient in Roundup to cancer.  The company said on Tuesday that the report, issued on Friday by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), was biased and contradicts regulatory findings that the ingredient, glyphosate, is safe when used as labeled.  Read more.

GMO Labeling Battle Rages on with Return of ‘Dark Act’

Posted March 30, 2015
The agrochemical and food industries are waging a campaign against GMO labeling that Just Label It Chairman Gary Hirshberg has called “diabolical but certainly brilliant” for its potential to stop state labeling efforts in their tracks.  Read more.

Lobbyist Refuses Glass of Water Containing Carcinogen Despite Saying its Safe

Posted March 30, 2015
A lobbyist for a weed killer company has stormed out of an interview after a reporter made him eat his own words by challenging him to drink a glass of ‘harmless’ water.
Read more.

WHO and UN say New Study Links Monsanto’s Glyphosate to Cancer

Posted March 25, 2015
The World Health Organization and the United Nations has just classified glyphosate as a “probable carcinogen”. Read more.

Roundup Bread: The Real Reason Americans are Intolerant to Wheat

Posted March 25, 2015
The influx of wheat allergies in the United States may not be gluten-related as many have thought, but instead could be attributed to Monsanto’s toxic weed killer known as Roundup. Read more.

GMO Roundup

Posted March 25, 2015
The GMO labeling issue is seeing some action on Capitol Hill. Maybe that’s because GMOs are in the news across the country. Here are some of the stories you may have missed. Read more.

Are Experimental Vaccines Growing in a GMO Corn Field Near You?

Posted March 21, 2015
Are pharmaceutical companies now looking for new ways to market their vaccines that bypass the freedom to choose completely without the consumer even realizing they are consuming their products?  Read more.

Deception: Major tortilla chip brand using ‘No GMO’ label on contaminated product

Posted March 19, 2015
The popular tortilla chip brand “Xochitl Totopos de Maiz,” according to the report, is actively selling tortilla chips all across America that bear a “No GMO” label, but that contain high amounts of GM corn. Read more.

Anti-GMO, Biotech Factions Clash at Food Summit

Posted March 19, 2015
The debate between the pro-biotech and non-GMO camps increasingly looks more like scorched earth than common ground. Biotech seed makers like Monsanto Co.MON -1.51% and Syngenta AGSYT -1.71%, along with farmer groups, argue that genetically modified crops are critical to feed a growing global population. Organic food companies and consumer groups charge that GMO crops promote a chemical-heavy approach to farming that’s harsh on land and animals and could contribute to human-health problems.  Read more.

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