Get Informed on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

How to Avoid GMOs

Posted August 20, 2014
The best way to avoid genetically modified foods is to know which foods are genetically modified and which foods are not. It helps to understand the difference between heirlooms, hybrids, and GMOs.  Read more.

Center for Food Safety Sues the USDA for Release of Missing Documents to Explain Suspicious GMO Alfalfa Approval

Posted August 15, 2014
Center for Food Safety (CFS) today filed a lawsuit demanding the release of federal documents which may uncover undue political pressure over USDA’s decision to approve genetically engineered alfalfa. The lawsuit seeks 1179 documents from USDA’s Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), which may explain why the agency abruptly reversed its position and granted unrestricted approval for Monsanto to sell Roundup Ready Alfalfa.  Read more.

The GMO Fight Ripples Down the Food Chain

Posted August 15, 2014

Two years ago, Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc. initiated a plan to eliminate genetically modified ingredients from its ice cream, an effort to address a nascent consumer backlash and to fulfill its own environmental goals.  This fall, nearly a year behind schedule, it expects to finish phase one, affecting its flavorful “chunks and swirls” like cookie dough and caramel. The only part left to convert: the milk that makes ice cream itself. Thanks to the complexities of sourcing milk deemed free of genetically modified material, that could take five to 10 more years.  Read more. 

USDA Signals Approval of Dow’s 2,4-D-Resistant Seeds

Posted August 13, 2014
Earlier today, USDA announced final plans to give Dow the greenlight to begin marketing its controversial 2,4-D-resistant seeds. After 30 days, the  USDA decision will become official. At the same time, the agency announced its preliminary decision to also approve Monsanto’s dicamba-resistant seeds.  Read more.

The Battle Over Biotech Food Labeling Heating Up

Posted August 12, 2014

The battle over mandatory labeling of biotechnology-derived food has reached a boil.  Read more.

ISU Researcher to Test Altered Bananas

Posted August 12, 2014
A dozen Iowa State University students will soon get the chance to earn $900 by eating the equivalent of three bananas each.  There’s a catch: One of the bananas will include a gene that scientists inserted to help people make vitamin A.  Such studies can be controversial, because natural-food proponents have raised doubts about the safety of genetically modified fruits, vegetables and meats.  Read more.

Here’s How Conde Nast and Mo Rocca Are Making Propaganda for Monsanto

Posted August 12, 2014
Genetically modified agribusiness and pesticide conglomerate Monsanto has a reputation (rightly or wrongly) as one of the most evil companies in America. Here’s one way they’re working on their PR: by enlisting the help of Conde Nast, and Mo Rocca, and some desperate charities.  Read more.

Organic Family Farms are Likely to Suffer from Wal-Mart’s Foray into Organic Food Industry

Posted August 8, 2014
What happens when large, powerful corporations violate the law and are immune from prosecution or accountability? They usually become repeat offenders, and in this situation, Wal-Mart, the culprit, is no exception.  Read more. 

Outlook Promising for Colorado’s GMO Labeling Bill to Get on November Ballot

Posted August 8, 2014
Today Colorado’s Right to Know campaign celebrates a big win.  The organization garnered enough signatures to submit a petition to place Proposed Initiative 48 to label GMOs on Colorado’s November 2014 ballot. 167,995 signatures were collected—81,890 over the required minimum needed to submit I-48 to the Colorado Secretary of State.  Read more.

Are You Allergic to GMO? Take the Test!

Posted August 8, 2014
First things first, write down a short paragraph describing how you feel and how many items you consumed in the last 24 hours that were GMO. The way to do this is to scan the barcode of the food with the FREE phone appFooducate,” and then you will know within seconds.  Read more.

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