ACTION ALERT — Stop the FDA’s Massive Attack on Supplements

Posted September 2, 2016
The FDA has finally released its revised draft guidance on new dietary ingredient (NDI) notifications for new dietary supplements. The agency’s new guidance, much like the original, is a massive attack on the supplement industry, and a gift to the drug industry. The provisions in the guidance threaten to eliminate thousands of supplements from store shelves, thereby depriving consumers of the product, and could potentially cripple the supplement industry. These burdensome requirements are in direct violation of congressional intent in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, which was meant to expand consumer access to supplements.  TAKE ACTION to write to Congress and the FDA and tell them why this guidance cannot stand.  Note: By clicking on this link, you will be leaving Your Voice for Health’s website and accessing the Alliance for Natural Health’s website.


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These 10 Common Herbs Are More Powerful Than You Think

Posted September 20, 2016
Sure, you’ve tossed rosemary and dill into recipes for flavor, but did you know these everyday herbs are actually powerhouses of inflammation-fighting, immunity-boosting and detoxifying nutrients on the same level as some of your favorite supplements? These delicate greens host a high concentration of health perks and are already fun to cook with.   Read more.

SB 277 Fight — We Are Winning. Increase the Pressure…

Posted September 20, 2016
Current Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) leadership is in desperation mode, running from the crumbling precipice, probably from being notified by their Big Pharma Masters that those twice-the-pay Pharma jobs they are promised are going to disappear if they don’t do something, anything, everything, to stop the burgeoning, hugely successful, anti-vaccination movement.  Read more. 

Pesticides and Cancer: The “Love Affair” Continues

Posted September 20, 2016
Chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and disinfectants have been in use for so long and and in so many places that many of us don’t even give a second thought to the ongoing damage these poisons are causing the environment… and us!  Read more. 

Warning: For Pregnant Women

Posted September 20, 2016
Years ago it wouldn’t have occurred to an OBGyn to give you a flu shot or a TDaP shot, however, that time has come and gone. These days, physicians, the very people who are supposed to be taking care of our pregnant women and unborn babies are hocking them like they are going out of style.  Read more. 

Kris Kristofferson’s Dramatic Cure of his “Incurable” Alzheimer’s Disease

Posted September 20, 2016
This morning (8-16-16), just before I was about to begin writing this week’s column, John called and asked me to appear on the show to give my medical opinion about the dramatic recovery of dementia victim Kris Kristofferson, the legendary singer/song-writer who had been erroneously diagnosed with incurable late-stage Alzheimer’s dementia (of unknown origin).  Read more.

Parents: What You’re Not Being Told About Autism & What Causes It

Posted September 19, 2016
Despite the fact that the cause for autism isn’t certain, and that it’s highly unlikely researchers will ever find that ‘one’ cause of autism, scientists are now realizing that autism could be the result of the modern day human lifestyle. There are a number of significant studies that should be ringing alarm bells in the medical and scientific communities in this regard.  Read more.

Zinc Deficiency & Cancer Growth: What’s Your Risk?

Posted September 19, 2016
An estimated 25% of the world’s population (about 2 billion people) has a zinc deficiency. Experts believe the primary reason for zinc deficiency is a result of an inadequate diet. However, poor biochemical signaling is also a contributing factor to the deficiency epidemic from a functional health perspective.  Read more.

Codeine Not Safe for Kids, Pediatricians Warn

Posted September 19, 2016
Doctors have learned that the way codeine is processed in the body is dangerous for children and should no longer be given to them.  Codeine is converted by the liver into morphine, but genetic differences in people can prompt the liver to create too much or too little.  Read more.