ACTION ALERT — Give Fewer Same-Day Vaccines

Posted December 7, 2016
The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons recently reported a link between the number of simultaneous vaccinations a child receives and the risk of serious injury or death.  In one month, state general assemblies will reconvene.  Some of them will be considering Big Pharma-supported bills to severely restrict exemptions to mandatory vaccinations. Read more and TAKE ACTION to contact your state legislators and ask them to oppose any bill that would restrict a parent’s fundamental right to protect his or her child from a mandatory vaccine.   Note: By clicking on this link, you will be leaving Your Voice for Health’s website and accessing the Alliance for Natural Health’s website.

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10 Top Herbal Sleep Remedies

Posted January 18, 2017
Most of these herbal remedies can be found in pill form. They, however, are usually just the herb in a capsule free of scientifically developed chemical ingredients and potential toxins that harm your body more than they help.  And when you’re looking to calm down and feel at ease enough to get some sleep you don’t want side effects.  Read more.

Homeopathy and the Federal Trace Commission: Policies for the 21st Century

Posted January 18, 2017
Homeopathic remedies are currently in a cross-fire between two federal agencies, the FDA and the FTC, because health claims on homeopathic products bring up the direct overlap of current legal jurisdiction between these two federal agencies. The overlap is based on this:  The FDA regulates the labeling of all food and drug products.  Homeopathic remedies are considered drugs and thus their labeling is under the jurisdiction of the FDA.  The FTC regulates advertising or labeling of products in commerce and prohibits unfair or deceptive acts in commerce.  Homeopathic manufacturers advertise their products thus are under the jurisdiction of the FTC.  Read more.

900 Year Drought Reversed with New Water Desalinization Technology

Posted January 18, 2017
Wars in the Middle East have been fought over oil, but with the area drying up, water is the new commodity which incites both civil and international discord. In the Fertile Crescent, the only country which isn’t suffering from acute water stress is Israel – not only for their controversial ability to control water in the region, but for their productivity in helping to bring about the era of desalinization.  Read more. 

‘It’s Outrageous’: EPA Acknowledges Proven Dangers of Bee-Killing Pesticides But Refuses to Restrict Them

Posted January 18, 2017
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) acknowledged for the first time on Thursday that three of the nation’s most-used neonicotinoid pesticides pose significant risks to commercial honey bees. But in a second decision, which represents a deep bow to the pesticide industry, the agency refused to restrict the use of any leading bee-killing pesticides despite broad evidence of their well-established role in alarming declines of pollinators.  Read more.

Understanding Blood Pressure Readings Key to Overall Well-Being

Posted January 13, 2017
When it comes to our health, there are also numbers we must closely pay attention to, and one in particular we must keep a sharper eye on. We’re talking about blood pressure numbers; understanding your blood pressure reading can be the difference between life and death.   Read more. 

One in Five Young People Lose Sleep over Social Media

Posted January 17, 2017
One in five young people regularly wake up in the night to send or check messages on social media, according to new research. This night-time activity is making teenagers three times more likely to feel constantly tired at school than their peers who do not log on at night, and could be affecting their happiness and wellbeing. Read more.

When Seconds Count: 5 Items for Quick-Action Response

Posted January 13, 2017
You just hit a deer on the road about halfway between work and home on your 30-mile one-way commute. As you tried to avoid him, you swerved and hit a patch of ice and went off of an embankment.  Ramming a tree, you went unconscious.  You came to only to find a large laceration about 4” long running across your forehead.  Read more.