ACTION ALERT — FDA, Flooded with Protests, Revises Food Safety Rules

Posted September 24, 2014
The FDA is currently drafting rules that implement the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).   Some of the rules that have been proposed so far have brought a deafening outcry from small farmers, prominent members of Congress, consumers, and even big business.  Please send your comments to the FDA about the agency’s newly revised rules. Explain how their revisions are heading in the right direction, but don’t go nearly far enough.  Read more and TAKE ACTION.

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The Best and Worst Sleeping Positions & How They Affect Your Health

Posted September 19, 2014
Depending on the sleeping position you choose, it can cause shoulder pain or back pain, increase wrinkles on the face and breasts, or even increase snoring. On the flip side, other positions can be great for increasing blood flow, minimizing acid reflux and decreasing snoring.  Read more.

Natural Ways to Improve Gum Health

Posted September 19, 2014
Naturally, everybody wants healthy teeth and gums – especially when you consider the connection between poor oral health and chronic disease. Unfortunately, in order to avoid tooth loss, it would appear that too many people remain uneducated about how to improve gum health – the key to maintaining strong teeth.  Read more. 

Curing the Incurables with Ozone Therapy

Posted September 19, 2014
Way before the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was ever created, ozone therapy was successfully used by established medical professionals to treat anemia, respiratory ailments, infectious diseases and countless ‘incurable’ health issues. But, by the 1940’s, the FDA decided to seize all ozone machines – despite its track record of being effective (and harmless) to thousands and thousands of people with all sorts of health problems ranging from AIDS to cancer.  Read more.

One Third of Nurses Are Leaving Their Jobs and Losing Faith in Vaccines

Posted September 19, 2014
It’s not just anti-vaccine parents and groups on the internet that are shutting down vaccination. Many doctors, nurses and other health professionals are coming around and grasping the gravity of how vaccines are damaging our bodies. Turnover of nurses (RNs) are now at record highs, with more than one-third leaving their jobs within the first two years and trust in health authorities and vaccination is at an all time low.  Read more.

What Would I Do If I Got Cancer?

Posted September 19, 2014
f I were diagnosed with cancer, would I go the natural route? I have seen the evidence for natural health and I know how well these treatments work but if it was me or my family…then I can understand how hard it is not to do what the medical establishment tells you.  So what would I do?  Read more.

Why BMI is a Big Fat Scam

Posted September 19, 2014
In 1832, a Belgian mathematician named Adolphe Quetelet developed what is today known as the body mass index (BMI).1 The formula divides a person’s weight by the square of his height, and is one of the most commonly used measures of excess weight, obesity, and overall health….Your doctor may use this number to advise you on your weight, as well as your risk of related conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, BMI is an incredibly flawed tool, and a high BMI doesn’t automatically mean you’re unhealthy, the way many physicians and health insurance companies imply that it does.  Read more. 

What Does Organic Mean to Organic Farmers?

Posted September 19, 2014
Every so often, a book comes along that beautifully marries complex topics with profound imagery. Just such a book is Organic: Farmers & Chefs of the Hudson Valley by Francesco Mastalia (Powerhouse Books; to be released in November 2014).  Read more. 

Veteran MD Buys Farm and Prescribes Food as Medicine

Posted September 19, 2014
Meet Dr. Ronald Weiss, MD, an internist with a successful 25-year medical practice in West New York who moonlights as an assistant professor at the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School in Newark. Weiss, a 52-year-old married father of two, sold his lucrative practice and liquidated all his assets so he could buy a 348-acre, 18th-century farm adjacent to Schooley’s Mountain, in Long Valley, New Jersey.  In June of 2014, he launched Ethos Health, a combination of community supported agriculture (CSA) and his iconoclastic food-as-medicine medical practice. The farm currently supports 90 families on a membership basis with a seasonal repertoire of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.  Read more.

Are Smoothies Really So Healthy? Here’s How to Make Sure Yours Are

Posted September 19, 2014
Smoothies are popular these days. We drink them as an alternative to unhealthy drinks or as a meal replacement. But are they really healthy?  Read more.

ACTION ALERT — FDA Approves Controversial Diet Drug Despite Warning of Suicide Risk

Posted September 19, 2014
Contrave has terrible side effects, is expensive, includes a hidden antidepressant, and barely even works. So why did the FDA approve it?  Read more  and TAKE ACTION to remind the FDA that we’ve still got our eyes on Glaxo’s underhanded attempt to foist even more pharmaceutical monopoly on us. Tell the FDA you will not allow pharmaceutical companies to use the Citizen Petition process for their own financial gain.

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