ACTION ALERT — New Sneak Attack on Supplements

The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) has issued an Action Alert concerning an amendment that Senator Blumenthal is considering introducing to a must-pass military appropriations bill that threatens Americans’ access to supplements..   According to ANH, the proposal would extend a currently existing policy regulating certain supplements on military bases to require all supplements that are to be sold to members of the military at exchange stores or commissaries to undergo a third-party review for “recognized public standards of identity, purity, strength, and composition, and adherence to related process standards.”  With your help, we defeated a similar proposal last year–we must do so again. Read more from ANH and TAKE ACTION to write or call your senators and urge them to oppose the Blumenthal amendment in the event it comes up for a vote, which will take dangerous steps towards limiting consumers’ access to dietary supplements. .  Please send your message immediately.   Note: By clicking on this link, you will be leaving Your Voice for Health’s website and accessing the Alliance for Natural Health’s website.

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Pesticides, GMOs and Corporate Control: The Poster Child is Monsanto but Neil Young is the Main Act

Posted May 18, 2016
Neil Young has a long history of activism. He is a co-founder of Farm Aid, which works to support small and family farmers in North America, while his song Ohio is often considered to be one of the greatest protest songs ever made. Last year, Young pledged a $100,000 donation to Vermont’s legal fight against the GMO-labelling lawsuit, and he has recently been involved in putting together a new website that will help people engage with issues such as GMOs, farming, ecology, justice and climate change (access the site here).  Read more.

Since When Was This Government “Healthy” for Us?

Posted May 18, 2016
Sometimes, well, no, often actually, I find myself wondering who’s dumber: The federal government or the people who depend on that government to tell them how to live their lives. Have you wondered what “healthy” food is? Look no further! The federal Food and Drug Administration is about to tell you! Have a peekRead more.

Homeopathy for Women

Posted May 18, 2016
Nearly every time I mention that I gave birth to my babies at home, someone credits me with bravery. Bravery?! No, I say; I wasn’t brave. In fact, I was a chicken. I was much more afraid to have my babies in a hospital because that’s where the dangers lie, not in my bedroom.  Read more.

As Big Candy Ditches GMOs, Sugar Beet Farmers Hit a Sour Patch

Posted May 18, 2016
Sugar, you might think, is just sugar, no matter where it comes from. But not anymore.   About half of all sugar in the U.S. comes from sugar beets, and the other half comes from sugar cane. Now, for the first time, sugar traders are treating these as two different commodities, with two different prices.   It’s all because about eight years ago, nearly all the farmers who grow sugar beets in the United States decided to start growing genetically modified versions of their crop. Read more.

Heartburn Meds Causing Kidney Burnout

Posted May 18, 2016
Despite the name, heartburn doesn’t affect your heart, but rather your esophagus in the area of your chest around your heart. You’ll feel a burning sensation in your chest and maybe experience a sour taste in your mouth. Some people find that the pain lasts for just minutes and others experience the pain for hours.  Read more.

High Levels of Glyphosate Found in Portuguese Volunteers’ Urine

Posted May 18, 2016
Tests carried out by the Portuguese No GMO Coalition in cooperation with the Detox Project have revealed high levels of glyphosate (commonly sold as Roundup) in the urine of Portuguese volunteers, according to a report released by the Coalition.   In 26 volunteers, glyphosate was detected in 100% of the urine samples. By comparison, in Switzerland in 2015, a similar testing programme detected glyphosate in just 38% of cases and in 2013, sampling carried out by Friends of the Earth in 18 European countries showed 44% of the urine samples to be contaminated.  Read more.

What are Carrots Good For?

Posted May 18, 2016
The average American adult eats about 12 pounds of carrots a year, making them one of the most popular root vegetables in the U.S. (even though that works out to only about one cup per week).  Read more.

Financial Incentives for Doctors to Fully Vaccinate Patients?

Posted May 18, 2016
I get a lot of emails from people who wonder if doctors have any sort of financial incentive to get their patients vaccinated. Do we get any sort of bonus from the insurance companies that pay us? I’ve always thought that the answer to this question was no. I recently found out otherwise.  Read more.