ACTION ALERT — New Evidence that Antidepressants Are Causing an Epidemic of Violence

Posted October 6, 2015
In 2011, ANH submitted a Citizen Petition to the FDA asking them to expand the current black box warning on antidepressants to include the danger of violent actions toward other people, in addition to the current suicide warning. This request has so far fallen on deaf ears. This time, we are reaching out to Congress to see if they can urge the FDA to act on this crucial issue. Read more and TAKE ACTION to write to your legislators and urge them to take meaningful steps towards addressing this serious issue—such as directing the FDA to update their black box warnings of antidepressants to include warnings of increased violent behavior. 

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What Happens to Your Body During a Heart Attack?

Posted October 1, 2015
A heart attack can strike suddenly. Its symptoms are quite common, and many people don’t initially realize that they’re already having one. At times, there may be only ONE symptom and this makes the heart attack even more difficult to diagnose.  But what really happens when you have a heart attack? Read on to find out more.  Read more.

Help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s with these five foods

Posted October 1, 2015
According to the figures, some 20 million Americans either suffer themselves from Alzheimer’s disease or some other form of dementia, or have a family member who does. And as the current generation of “baby boomers” ages into its senior years, this figure is only expected to increase dramatically. But there are a number of dietary interventions you can begin taking right now to help minimize your risk of developing this horrid condition. Here are five powerful foods to help optimize your brain health and stave off dementia.  Read more.

What’s Really Causing Your Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Posted October 1, 2015
You probably know if you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) — with symptoms like bloating or gas, distention, constipation, diarrhea, cramping, and most likely, running to the bathroom after you eat. In identifying the causes of these issues, here’s what you need to know. If there are five people with irritable bowel, each one of them may have different causes for the exact same symptoms. Read more.

3 Reasons to Eat Turmeric

Posted October 1, 2015
Reviewing some 700 studies, Duke concluded that turmeric appears to outperform many pharmaceuticals in its effects against several chronic, debilitating diseases, and does so with virtually no adverse side effects. Here are some of the diseases that turmeric has been found to help prevent or alleviate.  Read more.

When cancer is a side effect of cancer

Posted September 28, 2015
Childhood cancer survivor Tori Tomalia was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer two years ago. While her doctors believe the two cancers are unrelated, many childhood cancer survivors are diagnosed with second cancers brought on by treatments like radiation.  Read more.

Surprising Finding: Gut Microbes Make Dark Chocolate Healthy

Posted September 28, 2015
A considerable number of studies are in agreement that dark chocolate has pronounced health benefits1—provided you eat it in moderation (one to two ounces is recommended by some researchers2).   Cacao is naturally high in antioxidants and other natural compounds that are beneficial for cardiovascular health and weight management. In all, about 40 distinct health benefits3 have been linked to dark chocolate.  Read more.

CDC Admits 98 Million Americans were Given Cancer Virus via the Polio Shot

Posted September 25, 2015
The CDC has admitted that between 1955–1963 over 98 million Americans received one or more doses of a polio shot which was contaminated with a cancer-causing virus called Simian vacuolating virus 40 (SV40).  The CDC quickly took down the page, along with Google, but the site was luckily cached and saved to symbolize this grand admission.  Read more.

Plants Derived from Genome Editing Technologies are GMOs

Posted September 25, 2015
Today a legal dossier on the legal status of new methods for the production of genetically engineering plants was published. The dossier, drawn up by Professor Ludwig Kraemer, is being presented ahead of a decision due to be announced by the EU Commission within the next few weeks. Industry is demanding that new methods of changing genetic material in plants and animals should not be regulated in the same way as GM plants, and should be allowed onto the market without registration, risk assessment, or labeling.  Read more.

Feed the Good Bacteria, Fight the Bad and Wash your Hands!

Posted September 25, 2015
Bacteria play a central role in our lives, shaping much of the world around us, as well as the world within us.  We’ve long regarded bacteria as something to be feared – agents of illness and death – but, increasingly, it’s understood that many bacteria are, in fact, harmless and even beneficial.  Read more.