ACTION ALERT — Fake Olive Oil in Your Kitchen?

Posted November 30, 2016
The FDA has reportedly known about mislabeled and fraudulent olive oil and other foods for decades, but has done nothing to address the issue. Now Congress has stepped in. In April of this year, lawmakers directed the FDA through an appropriations bill to test a sampling of imported olive oil and report back on what the agency will do to ensure that consumers are not being deceived.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to send a message to Congress and ask them to address the fake olive oil problem right away Note: By clicking on this link, you will be leaving Your Voice for Health’s website and accessing the Alliance for Natural Health’s website.

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Vitamin K2: The Missing Link between Diet, Disease and Death

Posted December 1, 2016
This vitamin is rare in the Western diet and hasn’t received much mainstream attention.  However… this powerful nutrient plays an essential role in many aspects of health.  In fact, vitamin K2 may just be the “missing link” between diet and several killer diseases.  Read more.

C-Section Births Rising in the U.S.

Posted December 1, 2016
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cesarean section (C-section) births are on the rise in wealthy nations.1 In 1965, the U.S cesarean birth rate was 4.5 percent.2 Since then, the national cesarean birth rate has increased seven-fold. In 2009, the rate peaked to 32.9 percent and dropped slightly to 32.2 percent in 2014.2 Currently, one in three women give birth via C-section, the country’s most common operating room procedure.2  Read more.

What are Green Peas Good For?

Posted December 1, 2016
Green peas are now grown throughout the world in nearly every climate and time zone, both fresh and dried. Currently the largest world producer and green pea exporter, Canada grows roughly three million tons every year, with France, China, Russia, and India also large producers. India is the world’s largest green pea importer.  Read more. 

Huffpo: the Pneumonia Shot That Sent Me to Urgent Care

Posted December 1, 2016

The following is a personal story about the pneumococcal vaccine.  If you don’t have kids and don’t know, the vaccine is given to prevent pneumococcal disease, an infection caused by bacteria. However, the vaccine doesn’t provide protection from disease in every person- like ALL vaccines.  Read more.

SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) & Hypothyroidism

Posted December 1, 2016
SIBO occurs when there is an overgrowth of organisms in the small intestine brought about by a motility disorder.  When dietary saccharides and fibers meet up with the overgrowth of organisms in the small intestine, the SIBO organisms consume and ferment on these as they pass by, and the result is often painful and debilitating gas, bloating and distention in an area that is not used to harboring this level of organisms.  Read more.

The real truth: antidepressants actually deplete these 3 crucial nutrients for the brain

Posted December 2, 2016
Studies show that pharmaceutical drugs can deplete your body of critical nutrients through multiple mechanisms, including increased excretion of nutrients, and impaired digestion, absorption and storage of nutrients. Over time, nutritional deficiencies can develop. And these deficiencies can cause additional symptoms and increase side effects. In fact, many drug “side effects” are simply nutritional deficiencies.  Read more.