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More Resources to Help You Speak Out

There are great resources available online to learn more about the costs and benefits of of natural health.  One thing is certain — our current healthcare system is really a sickcare system.  We need to move away from the current reactive system and expand our proactive measures to take control of our health.  Here are a sample of organizations actively advocating for natural health issues.  Please email us with other sites we should check out.

Legislator Lookup:


Don’t have internet access?
If you know of anyone who doesn’t have internet access but still wants to get involved, they can phone the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 to speak with their legislators.

Grassroots Actions You Can Take – Click here to learn how to communicate with members of Congress, and:

  • Find out what issues are affecting natural health
  • Learn how to lobby a Congressperson
  • Learn how to write to your elected representatives
  • Identify your elected representatives

Advocacy and grassroots organizations

Scientific organizations that provide natural health information:

Other useful resources: