About Us

Our Mission

By Mike Richard

There are plenty of good natural health grassroots sites but many people don’t know what’s out there.  Our Mission is to increase awareness of issues and help people make connections.  We scan many of the major news sites for interesting articles and post the headlines with links. We serve a role for the people that have hectic schedules, yet want to know about the top stories and any legislation impacting natural health so that they can respond.  We are a passive site for news — you come to our site for news; we don’t send out newsletters because people already get too many emails.  However, people have indicated that they do want to know about the crucial issues – such as a new bill being introduced in Congress.  If it’s actionable information, we will send out an alert as soon as we’ve verified a story.  We will provide Action Alerts containing Senate or House bill numbers with summary and provide grassroots links to facilitate responses to Congress.

Giving voice to the people allows them to correct the course of government when they find it moving in a wrong direction!

We are a grassroots facilitator, dedicated to increasing awareness of health and current legislative issues that impact our access to healthy foods and safe and beneficial dietary supplements. Only by being aware can people bring about effective change.

Our History

We started out as a small number of people with a passion for health and a concerned eye towards the huge pharmaceutical and industrialized foods companies and how they impact Washington politics. We are dedicated to increasing awareness of current events, breaking news and legislative issues that impact our access to healthy foods and safe and beneficial dietary supplements. Our group has quickly grown to include family, friends and neighbors that are concerned for their rights to make healthy choices.

We Will:

Be a resource for balanced and objective information-sharing. We will post and link to articles, studies, and other interesting information. We will send out Action Alerts when there is a significant piece of legislation introduced in Congress that people need to know about … and act upon! 

We Will Not:

We don’t like junk mail and we refuse to become junk mail. We do NOT email regular newsletters.  We are a passive news headline site – you come to us for headlines and links to the top stories.  We will send out Action Alert emails when there is a call for Action that needs to be brought to your attention. 

Privacy Policy

We will not share or sell your email address with any other organizations.

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