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ACTION ALERT — March Against Monsanto May 23, 2015: Are You Ready?

Posted May 14, 2015
Saturday, May 23, a broad coalition of individuals and groups will gather in cities and towns all over the world, as part of a global March Against Monsanto. The intention of this march is to raise public awareness and bring increasing political pressure to bear regarding Monsanto’s corporate farming and business practices and to fight for labeling of foods that contain genetically engineered and/or modified materials.  Read more and find where the march will be in your area.

New Federal Mandate Proposed: All Shots Required, No Parental Exemptions

Posted May 15, 2015
Florida Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson (D-24) has introduced a bill, House Resolution H.R. 2232, that will require all states to mandate all students enrolled in public schools receive all the vaccines recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Policy, a federal body compromised of vaccine-industry representatives, which includes vaccines for HPV, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, Paul Offit’s rota virus vaccine, annual flu shots, and dozens of others. States that do not comply will not be eligible for grants for “preventive health services” under the Public Health Services Act.  Read more.

ACTION ALERT — Tell the FDA to Protect Consumer Access to Homeopathic Products

Posted May 7, 2015
Industry critics are calling for harsher regulations from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on homeopathic products that would affect consumer access to a wide range of homeopathic products, including calling for their removal from the marketplace.  If the FDA begins to require additional premarket authorization processes, it will become overwhelming and will likely create a three-year backlog that will interfere with the innovation of new homeopathic remedies and block consumer access to products.  Read more and TAKE ACTION NOW to tell the FDA to protect consumer access to homeopathic products.

MULTI-STATE ACTION ALERT — States One Step Closer to Eliminating Vaccine Exemptions

Posted April 29, 2015
Last week, the California Education Committee voted in favor of SB 277, a bill that would eliminate all personal belief exemptions to vaccination. Under this law, the only way for a child to attend public school without being vaccinated would be through a very difficult to get medical waiver.  Other states are considering similar moves.  Read more to TAKE ACTION in California to write or call your representatives and tell them to vote NO on SB 277 . Find out if your state is considering similar action.

ACTION ALERT – Right-to-Try Laws Gaining Momentum in the States

Posted April 15, 2015
If you or a loved one were close to death, wouldn’t you want access to potentially life-saving medications, even if they were in the experimental stage?  As the law stands now, FDA bureaucrats throw numerous roadblocks and hurdles into the path of patients who want to do just that. Read more and TAKE ACTION to send a message to your congressional representative urging them to co-sponsor Rep. Griffith’s Compassionate Freedom of Choice Act! e.

ACTION ALERT — Why Does ConsumerLab Refuse to Answer Our Questions?

Posted April 15, 2015
The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH-USA) has asked, an organization that purports to help consumers identify the highest quality dietary supplements, about its dubious business practices, but we have received nothing but  silence in return.  Help us learn what they may be hiding. Read more and TAKE ACTION to write to your state’s attorney general and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and ask them to investigate the business practices of

ACTION ALERT — NY Attorney General—and Now Thirteen Other AGs—Take Their Assault on Supplements to Congress

Posted April 8, 2015
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has again upped the ante in his assault on the supplement industry. Late last week, he sent a letter co-signed by thirteen other AGs asking Congress to “launch a comprehensive congressional inquiry in the herbal supplement industry” because “a current state investigation has raised serious concerns about the marketing and safety of the herbal supplements regularly consumed by millions of Americans.”  Read more and TAKE ACTION to send a message to the senators who received this letter and urge them to protect our access to quality supplements.

ACTION ALERT — FDA May Be Preparing Attack on Homeopathy

Posted April 8, 2015
The FDA is holding a public hearing later this month to evaluate its enforcement policies for homeopathic drug products. It says the agency is seeking input on whether and how to adjust the policy to adjust for changes that may have occurred over the past twenty-five years.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to write to the FDA immediately and tell them that current regulation of homeopathic remedies is more than sufficient to ensure public safety.

ACTION ALERT — Are We Ignoring the Next Pandemic Risk by Focusing on Measles?

Posted April 1, 2015
While policymakers and many in the scientific community are worried about measles, a deadlier threat from drug-resistant diseases like tuberculosis lurks on the horizon.  Read more and TAKE ACTION  to tell Congress to support Rep. Slaughter’s Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act, which would reduce the use of antibiotics on livestock and thus take steps towards addressing drug-resistant diseases like TB.

ACTION ALERT — Bad GMO Labeling Bill Expected Soon

Posted March 25, 2015
A new bill to let food producers decide whether to label GMOs could prevent states from passing mandatory labeling laws. It’s expected to be introduced in the next few weeks—so we need to dissuade potential co-sponsors now! Consumers have a right to know what’s in the food they’re eating!  Read more and TAKE ACTION to tell your legislators not to co-sponsor the Pompeo bill, and ask them to speak out at the Agricultural Committee’s hearing.