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ACTION ALERT — FDA Pretends to Lighten Burden on Compounding Pharmacies Even as it Tightens Its Stranglehold on Them

Posted February 26, 2015
The government is playing games with patients’ lives. A new document shows just how arbitrary Pharma-inspired limitations on shipping compounded medications really are.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to tell the FDA and Congress that any limit on interstate sales of vital compounded drugs such as estriol or extended release thyroid is unacceptable. Tell them there must be no limit on the interstate dispensing of compounded drugs when a patient has a prescription ordered by a doctor.

DEADLINE MARCH 3: Tell President Obama to Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides

Posted February 25, 2015
TAKE ACTION: Nearly 4 million people from numerous groups have signed petitions asking the task force to ban bee-killing pesticides. Please sign OCA’s petition by March 3 so your signature can be counted, too!  Read more and add your name to the petition:  

ACTION ALERT — Congress Moves to Step Up Vaccine Enforcement

Posted February 18, 2015
In a predictable reaction to the recent measles outbreaks, both Republicans and Democrats in Congress filed a “Vaccines Saves Lives” resolution last Friday. If passed, this resolution will bolster the current backlash against vaccine exemptions and pave the way for states’ efforts to mandate universal vaccinations.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to tell Congress to listen to the science and find answers to these troubling vaccine issues, instead of parroting Big Pharma’s dangerous media campaign.

ACTION ALERT — State GMO Labeling Laws in Peril

Posted February 18, 2015
A new bill—actually a re-tread of an amendment that grassroots activists like you defeated last year—is intended to protect Big Food and Big Farma.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to send a message to Congress and urge your legislators to reject the Protect Interstate Commerce Act and fight for its defeat.

ACTION ALERT — New Food Safety Bill Needs Amending!

Posted February 11, 2015
This is a bill sponsored in the House by Rep. DeLauro and in the Senate by Sen. Durbin. With the right amendments, this bill could actually help!  Read more and TAKE ACTION to write to your senators and representative and ask them to urge Sen. Durbin and Rep. DeLauro to amend this bill. Ask for language that explicitly makes supplement safety the responsibility of the new agency, places organics and GMOs under this new agency’s purview, adds protections against “ag-gag” laws to the whistleblower provisions, retains exemptions for small farmers, and handles CAFOs and other industrial agriculture operations separately from small farms and businesses.

ACTION ALERT for NY Residents — NY Attorney General’s Supplement Test Completely Contradicted by New Research

Posted February 11, 2015
The supplement ban was issued based on a single unverified test, performed by a scientist who usually studies lizards, using completely inappropriate technology—and new tests show that the original testing was wrong.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to write to your state senator and representative and ask them to reject Sen. LaValle’s bill to create a state dietary supplement safety committee, competing with federal law and confusing the public.  Also demand that the Attorney General’s full test report be made available for peer review immediately.

ACTION ALERT — Tell NY Attorney General It’s Time for Transparency

Posted February 6, 2015
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman recently requested four major retailers to remove herbal supplements from their shelves. The request was made without publicly releasing the DNA study data that is the basis for his request. Consumers and industry stakeholders want answers.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to get answers!

ACTION ALERT — New “21st Century Cures” Bill Is Yet Another Gift to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Posted February 4, 2015
It’s called a 21st century bill, but this extraordinarily dense legislative proposal follows an old, 20th century paradigm: if there’s an illness, create some new government-subsidized drugs to throw at it. Since the bill hasn’t yet been formally introduced, now is the best time to amend the language. This bill is expected to move quickly, so it is essential that we express all of our concerns now. Read more and TAKE ACTION to write your senators and representative, explain your problems with the bill, and ask them to amend it before it’s introduced.

ACTION ALERT — Supplements are Not Food Additives

Posted January 21, 2015
Federal law makes it very clear that food additives and supplements are not to be treated the same way. But once again the FDA doesn’t seem to care about the law. Read more and TAKE ACTION to tell the FDA that Redbook should not be expanded to include dietary ingredients, and that any safety assessments for dietary ingredients should be addressed strictly in the context of the NDI guidance. Send your message today!

ACTION ALERT — Compounded Medications Even More At Risk

Posted January 21, 2015
A new threat to compounded drugs (including bioidentical estriol for women and compounded time-release thyroid) has emerged. The US Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) has released an overreaching draft proposal that may inadvertently crush many small compounding pharmacies—unless we take action.  Please tell the USP that General Chapter <800> should not be considered a mandate for healthcare facilities and compounding pharmacies, but instead should be listed in the “recommendations” section of the USP standards.  Read more and TAKE ACTION.  Please send your message to USP today! 

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