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What Eye Floaters Are and What Can be Done About Them

Posted July 31, 2015
I am a retired Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technologist, so let me begin by giving you my “professional” opinion. Floaters were a common complaint I heard about, and this is what I used to tell patients. Some of it is actually good advice!  Read more.

Is Your Garden Hose Toxic?

Posted July 31, 2015
I never really thought much about my garden hose until I saw the results of two studies published by the Ecology Center. When I learned about the health hazards lurking in the plastic coiled “snake” in my yard, and found a non-toxic alternative, I decided to ditch the one I had.  Read more.

Everything You Need to Know About Your Metabolism

Posted July 31, 2015
There’s a lot of different theories surrounding metabolism. From what it is, ways to boost it, and what lifestyle choices actually make a difference to how it works. So we’ve found out all the essentials you need to know to help make sense of your metabolism!  Read more.

Scientists Say Supposedly Miraculous Ingredients in Weed Killers Don’t Actually Work

Posted July 31, 2015
Before pesticides go from the laboratory to the farm field, they have to first be vetted by the Environmental Protection Agency. But they’re commonly mixed—sometimes by the pesticide manufacturers, sometimes by the farmers themselves—with substances called adjuvants that boost their effectiveness (to spread more evenly on a plant’s leaf in the case of insecticides, or to penetrate a plant’s outer layer, allowing herbicides to effectively kill weeds). Despite their ubiquity, adjuvants aren’t vetted by the EPA at all; they’re considered “inert” ingredients.  Read more.

16 Powerful Reasons to Eat Pineapple

Posted July 31, 2015
Aside from their delicious taste, pineapples can help you get glowing skin, reduce bloating and digestive issues, prevent colds and flu, reduce inflammation and even strengthen your bones! That tropical fruit with it’s spiky green leaves and rugged, golden skin is, in fact, a collection of multiple fruits, and a powerhouse of health benefits! Here are 16 reasons why you should enjoy pineapple regularly:  Read more.