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The History of Iodine

Posted December 19, 2014
The discovery of iodine, like most discoveries, was a fortuitous accident. The most fortuitous accident in the history of medicine, is one story many of us are familiar with: the discovery of penicillin.  Read more. 

Top 25 Ways to Detox from Pesticides, Heavy Metals and Enviro-Toxins

Posted December 19, 2014
If you are endlessly tired, irritable, have trouble losing weight, or feel depressed, you might be suffering from the environmental onslaught of toxins being poured into our air, water and soil by greedy corporate monopolies. If you aren’t sure whether you are suffering from toxic overload, you can at least be certain you are not immune to the toxic effects of environmental pollution like oil spills, fracking, chemtrails, nuclear energy (think Fukushima), or even the domestic production of war materials. Even every day items like shampoo and rug cleaners also contain thousands of chemicals that are deadly toxic in higher dosages.  Read more. 

Inner and Outer Ear Infections Home Remedies

Posted December 18, 2014
All too often, we rush to treat an earache or an ear infection with antibiotics. First of all, all earaches are not infections, and all ear infections are not caused by bacteria; they may be caused by a virus or fungus instead. Antibiotics are indiscriminate killers.They kill the good bacteria in the gut along with the bad, disrupting that balance and allowing an overgrowth of Candida.  Read more.

Oregon GMO Labelling Proponents Concede Defeat

Posted December 18, 2014
Proponents of an Oregon ballot measure requiring labels on genetically modified foods conceded defeat Thursday after a judge ruled against them and an automatic recount appeared unlikely to sway the outcome.  Read more.

Susan G. Komen Says Organic Food May Not be Safe

Posted December 18, 2014
On its website, the organization downplays the wealth of research showing the health benefits of organic foods and even goes so far as to suggest there may be safety concerns with food not treated with pesticides.  Read more.

Food Betrayal — Don’t Swallow the Lies

Posted December 17, 2014
 As an industry insider, Alan Lewis knows just how badly the food system is broken. In this high energy TEDx talk, Alan reveals the sophisticated methods used by the food industry “fibberati” to manipulate, deceive and distract us. If you have ever read a food label and felt you were being lied to, you have felt the “dark mark” of the fibberati. We can resist these nefarious tactics by making conscious food choices based on core values that support a sustainable and just food system.  View here. 

The Best Dietary Sources of Vitamin D

Posted December 12th, 2014
Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins needed by our bodies to maintain optimum health.  However, those of us who live in low-sunlight areas will have to obtain much of our vitamin D from food alone (unless we’re willing to take a synthetic supplement). Fortunately, a small number of natural foods do contain respectable amounts of the all-important “sunshine vitamin.”  Read more.

12 Christmas Gifts for the Healthy Cook’s Kitchen

Posted December 10, 2014
Is anyone on your Christmas list trying to create a healthful, whole-foods kitchen?  Setting up such a kitchen doesn’t stop at the grocery store.  The right kitchen tools and appliances can make food prep creative, efficient, and fun.  Look to the following list to get ideas for your favorite healthy chef (or for dropping hints to your own “elves”).  Read more. 

Huge Win: Monsanto Stock Downgraded After Worst Growth in 7 Years

Posted December 10, 2014
“We are downgrading Monsanto from Buy to Neutral, due to the findings from our seventh Annual Seed Dealer Survey, which came back the most negative for the seed industry in the history of the survey,” Chris Shaw of Monness Crespi Hardt wrote. “The unprecedented results of this year’s survey has led us to be more cautious on Monsanto’s outlook for the current seed selling season.”  Read more.

Chicken Factory Farmer Speaks Out

Posted December 10, 2014
After 22 years of raising chickens for Perdue, one brave factory farmer Craig Watts was at his breaking point and did something no one has done before. He invited us, as farm animal welfare advocates, to his farm to film and tell his story.  View here. 

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