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7 Ways Probiotics DETOXIFY Your Body

Posted July 23, 2014
You’ve probably heard the buzz already about the many health benefits of probiotics, a word which literally translates to: pro- “for” + biotics “life” — FOR LIFE.  But did you know that these remarkable commensal microorganisms, which outnumber our bodily cells 10 to 1, and contribute over 95% of our body’s total genetic information, also break down highly toxic manmade chemicals which your body is either incapable, or only partially capable, of defending itself from?  Read more.

21 Amazing Benefits of Eating Wheatgrass

Posted July 23, 2014
Wheatgrass and wheatgrass juice are excellent ways to get   dark greens in the diet. Pound for pound, wheatgrass is more than   twenty times denser in nutrients than other choice vegetables. Nutritionally, wheatgrass is a complete food that contains 98 of the 102 earth elements.  Wheatgrass is available in many forms, including tablets, capsules,   liquid extracts and tinctures. Wheatgrass is often used for juicing or   added to smoothies or tea. You can even buy wheatgrass seeds or kits to   grow your own wheatgrass at home. Many food facilities offer the option of  purchasing organic gluten-free wheatgrass either grown aeroponically (bacteria and fungus free) or grown organically outdoors.  Read more.

Michelle Obama Teaming up with Monsanto to Promote Children’s Food

Posted July 23, 2014
The popular agriculture company Monsanto is partnering with First Lady Michelle Obama to promote nutritional foods for kids. According to reports from the Associated Press, Monsanto will spend $50 million over five years on a campaign to market ‘healthy’ genetically modified food to children. The agrochemical company will also bring its food offerings for kids in line with the new federal standards for labeling and nutrition.  Read more. 

‘Frankenfish’ Threatens to Wipe Out Wild Salmon Population

Posted July 23, 2014
 Proponents of GMOs prefer that you call it “genetically modified salmon.” Opponents of GMOs– including natural health advocates, organic food growers, animal welfare groups, environmentalists, commercial fishermen, restaurateurs and chefs – have settled on a name of their own: “Frankenfish.”  But, by whatever name you call it, AquAdvantage salmon may soon be available in some stores. The FDA, scheduled to finalize its assessment of the genetically modified fish, may be nearing a ruling – almost two decades after AquaBounty Technologies, the developer of the fish, initially sought approval in 1996.  Read more. 

Drinking Coffee Dramatically Cuts Suicide and Depression Risk

Posted July 23, 2014
 In the song “9 to 5,” from the 1980 movie of the same name, singer Dolly Parton refers to coffee as a “cup of ambition.” Now, emerging research indicates that coffee’s potential benefits extend far beyond increasing motivation; according to one study, coffee may even help prevent suicide.   Read more. 

4 Important Questions to Ask Vendors at Your Local Farmer’s Market

Posted July 23, 2014
Not all food at farmer’s markets is organic, pesticide free, or even local.  Some of the food is hauled in from afar and may still be lathered in toxic pesticides, or be derived from transgenic seeds.  Read more.

Michelle Obama Wants to Get School Lunches Right

Posted July 23, 2014
Government officials, unfortunately even including Mrs. Obama, do not adequately understand nutrition.  Read more.

Foods to Eat to Lower Cholesterol Levels Naturally

Posted July 22, 2014
Generally speaking, foods high in fiber have cholesterol-lowering effects. That includes fresh fruits, vegetables and beans. There are specific foods, though, which could do an even better job at cutting cholesterol levels.  Read more.

Conclusive Study Finds Big Nutritional Benefits for Organic Crops

Posted July 14, 2014
A major new study from the United Kingdom finds conclusive evidence that organic crops, and the food made from them, are nutritionally superior to their conventional counterparts, corrects many of the shortcomings of earlier studies and should put to rest any doubts about the benefits of organic.  Read more.

5 Ways Watermelons can Boost Your Health

Posted July 11, 2014
While you may have watermelon every now and again, this food should actually be consumed quite often due to the numerous health benefits it offers.  Read more.

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