Get Informed on Issues Related to Foods

The Overlooked Benefits of Dates

Posted on September 21, 2016
Ever wonder about the health benefits of dates?  Since antiquity, dates have been revered as a healing food, with references to their beneficial effects appearing in both the Bible and the Koran.  Read more.

What 15 Almonds a Day Can Do For You

Posted September 21, 2016
Almonds are one of those nutrient-dense foods that can be hard to stop munching on once you’re crunching on the first one or two. Whether you’re sipping on a glass of creamy homemade almond milk, taking your first bite of strawberry-topped almond meal pancakes, or enjoying stir fry sprinkled with slivered almonds, you’re not just satisfying your appetite, you’re deliciously optimizing your health.  Read more. 

GMO Labeling Law Could Stir a Revolution

Posted September 21, 2016
Big food and its allies spent roughly $100 million to counter the movement to force the labeling of foods produced with genetically modified organisms. And one could argue that they were successful: President Obama recently signed the weakest labeling law imaginable, and to most of the food movement, this felt like a loss.  But to be optimistic, perhaps rashly so, to me the law looks like a victory wrapped inside a defeat.  Read more. 

These 10 Common Herbs Are More Powerful Than You Think

Posted September 20, 2016
Sure, you’ve tossed rosemary and dill into recipes for flavor, but did you know these everyday herbs are actually powerhouses of inflammation-fighting, immunity-boosting and detoxifying nutrients on the same level as some of your favorite supplements? These delicate greens host a high concentration of health perks and are already fun to cook with.   Read more.

Zinc Deficiency & Cancer Growth: What’s Your Risk?

Posted September 19, 2016
An estimated 25% of the world’s population (about 2 billion people) has a zinc deficiency. Experts believe the primary reason for zinc deficiency is a result of an inadequate diet. However, poor biochemical signaling is also a contributing factor to the deficiency epidemic from a functional health perspective.  Read more.

Heroin, Nazis, and Agent Orange: Inside the $66 Billion Merger of the Year

Posted September 16, 2016
Two giants of the farming and chemical industries agreed to merge Wednesday in a $66 billion deal: the U.S.’s Monsanto and Germany’s Bayer, the original maker of aspirin. It’s the year’s biggest deal and will create the world’s largest supplier of seeds and farm chemicals, with $26 billion in combined annual revenue from agriculture. If the merger goes through, it will combine two companies with a long and storied history that shaped what we eat, the drugs we take and how we grow our food.  Read more.

FDA Finds Glyphosate in US Honey

Posted September 16, 2016
The Food and Drug Administration, under public pressure to start testing samples of U.S. food for the presence of a pesticide that has been linked to cancer, has some early findings that are not so sweet.
In examining honey samples from various locations in the United States, the FDA has found fresh evidence that residues of the weed killer called glyphosate can be pervasive – found even in a food that is not produced with the use of glyphosate. Read more.