Get Informed on Issues Related to Foods

(Infographic) Soils, A Foundation for Family Farming

Posted August 26, 2015
Did you know that soils host a quarter of our planet’s biodiversity? This infographic comes from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. They’re working on a project called 2015, International Year of Soils – and this tool contains some other good facts about soil and its role in sustainable agriculture.  Read more.

New Monsanto Spray Kills Bugs by Messing with Their Genes

Posted August 26, 2015
A fascinating long piece in MIT Technology Review examines the genetically modified seed industry’s latest blockbuster app in development—one that has nothing to do with seeds. Instead, it involves the industry’s other bread-and-butter product: pesticide sprays. But we’re not talking about the poisonous chemicals you convinced your dad to stop dousing the lawn with. The novel sprays in question are powered by a genetic technology called RNA interference, which promises to kill specific insects and weeds by silencing genes crucial to their survival, while leaving nontarget species unscathed.  Read more.

What Happened to Our Food — a Timeline

Posted August 26, 2015
 I thought that it would be cool to have a visual aid, so that I could see just how much had changed with our food over our lifetimes. I wrote down all of the major changes I could think of, and then started to plot them out by date. What I found is really interesting.  View here.

William Saletan, GMO Labeling, and the GMO Debate

Posted August 26, 2015
For those still willing to look past the campaign slogans and slurs, science is still happening. My colleague at Tufts University, Sheldon Krimsky, examined peer-reviewed journal articles from 2008-2014. Contrary to the claims of consensus, he found 26 studies that showed significant cause for concern in animal studies, among many studies that showed no harm.  Read more.

21 Plants for the Fall Garden

Posted August 25, 2015
I’ve been looking at which veggies I want to add to my fall garden rotation and which ones will hold up best with our erratic Wyoming winters.  I’ve collected this list of fall vegetable options, just in case you’re not quite ready to give up gardening season either.  Read more.

The Hidden Reasons for a Non-GMO Diet

Posted August 25, 2015
The good news is this. Actually its terrific news. People, when they stop eating GMOs, they get better from all sorts of diseases and disorders. And we interview them and we hear about it all the time.  View here:

Food Choices Change Our Gene Expression

Posted August 20, 2015
Without a doubt one of the most important decisions we make on a daily basis is what we choose to eat. Moment-to-moment, specific genes are being amplified in their expression while others are being silenced – a process that dramatically enhances our adaptive ability to various environmental changes to which we are exposed. The effect of extrinsic factors in changing genetic expression defines the science of epigenetics.  Read more.