Get Informed on U.S. Legislation That Could Restrict Your Health Freedom

Hi-Tech Hijack of GMO Food Labeling

Posted November 20, 2015
The biotech industry, along with its top enabler at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Secretary Tom Vilsack, is trying to sell the idea that the long derided and poorly utilized QR code is the answer to consumer concerns about GE foods. A QR code, if you are among the many not familiar with it, is similar to a bar code.  Read more.

HR 2232: National Mandatory Vaccination Bill Enters Congress

Posted November 20, 2015
Alert! A Congressional bill to force mandatory vaccinations across the nation has entered the House of Representatives under the name “Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015” or HR 2232.  This bill is essentially a national version of the SB277 mandatory vaccination legislation which passed in California earlier this year, with the same impossible exemption requirements. The bill, as currently written, would require all state public schools across the nation to mandate blanket vaccination of their enrolled students in order to receive their federal aid money.  Read more.

Vaccine Injury Compensation: Government’s Broken Social Contract with Parents

Posted November 19, 2015
Three decades ago, Congress created a federal vaccine injury compensation program (VICP) and gave the pharmaceutical and medical trade industries a partial product liability shield under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. The goal was simple: to restrict civil lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers and negligent doctors whenever government mandated vaccines injure and kill Americans.  Read more.

Dr. Burzynski Once Again in Front of the Texas medical Board

Posted November 19, 2015
Now the Texas Medical Board is bringing highly questionable charges against Dr. Burzynski in a proceeding scheduled to begin this Thursday, November 19. If charges are not dropped cancer patients will not have the freedom to choose this life-saving treatment.  Read more.

US Senate Passes Bill Approving Mandatory Vaccinations for Veterans

Posted November 19, 2015
A Bill has just passed the US Senate, mandating that the US Department of Veteran Affairs ensure that all veterans receive immunizations (vaccines) per a draconian schedule. At this juncture, active military must receive over a dozen vaccines. This piece of legislation is therefore an effort to extend the vaccine mandate to those who have previously served their country.  Read more.

44 Reasons to Ban or Label GMOs

Posted November 13, 2015
For twenty years the US federal government, through the USDA and FDA, has stated unequivocally that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are safe and can help feed the world and save lives. However, over the last two decades independent scientists have brought forth challenges to the prevailing dogma on this important issue. Read more.