Get Informed on U.S. Legislation That Could Restrict Your Health Freedom

Regulation of Probiotics in the USA: Dietary Supplements

Posted October 19, 2016
The United States Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) regulation of products containing probiotics is complex and largely depends on the claims that are made for the product. For example, they can be regulated as foods, dietary supplements, cosmetics, or drugs/biologics (a class of drugs which are extracted from or derivatives of living organisms). In this second of a four part IPA Counsel Corner series, we will focus on the second category: dietary supplements.  Read more. 

Stop CDC Proposed Rule for Forced Detention, Isolation, Vaccination and Quarantine

Posted October 19, 2016
The new CDC FAQ about the NPRM( discusses some, but not all, of the most serious concerns that the public has about different provisions within the NPRM that allows federal health officials to take citizens into custody and involuntarily quarantining them for having common infectious disease symptoms such as a skin rash, coughing and mild fever. This NPRM is a clear threat to travel within the U.S. by airplane, ship, bus and train for simply appearing “unwell” or having been in contact with someone who is “unwell.”  Read more.

How Doughnut Bribes Helped Build America’s Opioid Addiction

Posted October 6, 2016
It’s blatantly clear that the DEA does not want to criminalize prescription drug abuse because that would sorely hamper drug companies’ ability to promote and sell painkillers. And that’s really where the parties responsible for the current epidemic of addiction can be found.  Is it any surprise then that, in April 2016, a law was passed that restricts the DEA’s ability to track and charge pharmacies and wholesalers who are expanding the epidemic?  Read more. 

“Vaccine Mandates: Adults Are Next”, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Sounds The Alarm

Posted October 6, 2016
The true dangers posed by vaccinations are finally coming to light. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is a veteran in the battle to raise awareness of the threats posed to human health by the ongoing vaccination assault. At a recent major public awareness event in Northern California (organized/sponsored by, Dr. Tenpenny gave a powerful and extremely informative live presentation to directly address the vaccination threat to our health.  View here. 

ACTION ALERT — The Terminally Ill Deserve Right-to-Try Laws

Posted September 28, 2016
The FDA’s approach to drug approval means that patients die waiting for possibly lifesaving drugs.  Right-to-try laws establish the freedom for patients and their doctors to try safe therapies where the potential benefits far outweigh the risks terminal patients are eager to take.  Read moreContact your legislator to voice your opinion about this health freedom issue.  Look up your legislator at  USA.GOV.

GMO Labeling Law Could Stir a Revolution

Posted September 21, 2016
Big food and its allies spent roughly $100 million to counter the movement to force the labeling of foods produced with genetically modified organisms. And one could argue that they were successful: President Obama recently signed the weakest labeling law imaginable, and to most of the food movement, this felt like a loss.  But to be optimistic, perhaps rashly so, to me the law looks like a victory wrapped inside a defeat.  Read more. 

SB 277 Fight — We Are Winning. Increase the Pressure…

Posted September 20, 2016
Current Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) leadership is in desperation mode, running from the crumbling precipice, probably from being notified by their Big Pharma Masters that those twice-the-pay Pharma jobs they are promised are going to disappear if they don’t do something, anything, everything, to stop the burgeoning, hugely successful, anti-vaccination movement.  Read more. 

Lynching the Vaccine Freethinker Bob Sears

Posted September 16, 2016
Those doctors who do happen to know something about vaccines have learned it through their individual initiative. They study and research on their own, and they learn what they should have been taught in medical school and during their residency training. One example of a doctor who has educated himself about vaccines is pediatrician Bob Sears, MD, who in 2008 published The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child.3  Read more.