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Victory in Vermont: Monsanto and Big Food Losing the GMO and ‘Natural’ Food Fight

Posted April 17, 2014
The Vermont Senate passed a bill on Wednesday that would make it the first U.S. state to enact mandatory labeling of foods made with genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.  Unlike bills passed last year in Maine and Connecticut, which require other states to pass GMO labeling laws before they can be enacted, Vermont’s contains no such trigger clause.  Read more.

Standoff in Nevada: Another Federal Siege Against the Innocent

Posted April 14, 2014
Cliven Bundy’s family has been grazing cattle on their ranchland since the 1880s. But in 1993, the federal government reclassified 600,000 acres of land, including the land that the Bundy cattle have been grazing on forever. The pretext used by the feds for seizing the land was to protect some “endangered” tortoise. However, the feds would allow Cliven to continue to graze his cattle on the land–if he pays the federal government for the privilege. The rancher refuses to pay.  Read more. 

Sri Lanka Bans Monsanto’s Roundup

Posted April 14, 2014
Sri Lanka is the first country to restrict the use of the herbicide glyphosate, an ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup. The ban will not be absolute, according to the Sunday Times, but instead the government will restrict the use of the herbicide in areas where cases of chronic kidney disease (CKD) are prevalent.  Read more.

Russia Bans Importing GMO Products

Posted April 14, 2014
This past weekend I had the opportunity to hear Jeffrey Smith from the Institute for Responsible Technology speak. The first thing he announced was that Russia banned the imports of GMOs. As you can imagine, he was very happy to see that Russia is taking a stand against genetically modified (GMO) foods., as was I. Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told a congress of deputies on Saturday that the country will no longer import GMO products, according to U.S. based Russian news site, rt.comRead more.

Torch Passed in Senate During NPA Lobby Day

Posted April 10, 2014
The Natural Product Association (NPA) lobbying day began with an address from a new advocate for the industry and ended with remarks from one of the industry’s oldest champions.  Read more.

Corporate Clout Chips Away at Organic Standards

Posted April 4, 2014
Without any input from the public, the USDA changed the way the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) decides which non-organic materials are allowed in certified organic. The change all but guarantees that when the NOSB meets every six months, the list of non-organic and synthetic materials allowed in organic will get longer and longer.  Read more. 

Congress Investigates 13 GM Car Deaths but Ignores Thousands of Vaccine Deaths

Posted April 4, 2014
If Congress grilled the CEO of General Motors on April 1st, 2014 because of 13 deaths resulting from a faulty ignition switch [1] in its cars over ten or more years, when will Congress investigate Big Pharma and vaccine makers about all the deaths attributed to and apparently caused by vaccines?  Read more.

New Video Exposes Smart Meter Tyranny

Posted April 4, 2014
The pushback against Smart Meter technology is ramping up in any area where they have disgraced people’s homes. Despite assurances from “authorities,” the evidence is mounting that not only are Smart Meters an economic fraud and an invasion of privacy, they are a serious health hazard. In fact, a major physicians group has gone on record imploring utility companies for the right to opt-out based on pre-existing health conditions and/or specific sensitivity to smart meters’ RF microwave radiation and dirty electricity that can trigger cancer and heart disease among a host of other debilitating maladies.  Read more. 

Pesticides Killing Bees, But Not Pests: New Report

Posted April 2, 2014
Farmers are using bee-killing pesticides widely, but a new report shows they don’t work on actual pests and they don’t boost farmers’ yields.  Read more.

Save and Support the Organic Food Label: Don’t let the FDA Win!

Posted April 2, 2014
If you want to keep eating food that doesn’t turn your organs into cancerous mush or cause infertility within three generations, then we need your help to protect organic farmers and their crops. The Save Our Organic campaign is meant to defend the organic food label from USDA changes, currently being undermined by the government agency and its special interest groups. New rules proposed by the FDA announced just this month include:  Read more.

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